Vicki Rich

Hebron, OH
Certification:  Legacy Guide

Hi, my name is Vicki Rich. I’m a StoryWay guide because I believe stories create bridges through time and between people. It’s through story that God reveals His personal character and teaches us about who we are. We can do that for each other, our families, and our communities.

I’ve been sharing stories for a long time. During college I captured memories through wedding, graduation and horse show photography. During a career in public relations I helped elected officials and government agencies share their stories, ideas and programs. In recent years I’ve used executive coaching to guide people through personal and business growth. Through it all, story has been the common thread that sews inspiration. 

A favorite story moment happened when a client learned that sharing his personal story could turn an employee problem into a transformed relationship. He stopped highlighting mistakes and instead shared a story about overcoming failure.  He then became a person who could relate rather than a boss who judged. From that story, two people connected and learned how to work together.

I’m just as passionate about the power of story in daily life. When my mom was dying from cancer, I remember being awe struck by how graceful and calm she was. She was at peace, and I sensed a depth of assuredness in her I hadn’t known was there. It was inspiring to witness. I know that had she left behind a written story it would have inspired many. 

I’ve always been a curious person and I enjoy reading biographies and history because I love learning about people and places. Weekend travel is the best to explore a city, hike a wooded trail or kayak along the coast. I also love an open road and enjoy riding by horseback or motorcycle. Home is in Columbus, Ohio with my two cats, Jackson and Jersey.

Your story matters—and it can help you grow your business and speak life into your family for generations. I’m honored to help you uncover your story and turn it into a book.

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