A Coaching and Certification Program Helping Writers Build a Writing Business and Live Their Calling as a Storyteller.

Our Story

StoryWay was born in 2019 when co-founders, Jeremy and Brooke Brown, noticed there was more to the stories they were producing at Throne Publishing than just capturing them when life-changing experiences began to happen. They began to see a pattern. Jeremy and Brooke's passion for generational impact grew quickly. This pattern has now been put through a proven process and has grown into what is now, StoryWay. United together, they are on a mission to make a movement that will impact generations to come (starting with their own 3 boys at home; Jordan, Barron and Justus).

Jeremy and Brooke have unlocked the mystery that makes up a great story and the process necessary to get that story told. They have also discovered a tangible way to help storytellers actually make money from their stories while inspiring others to do the same. 

Their lean, focused, soulful family-owned and operated business proudly resides in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. A small business with a big goal that is growing a movement of collective storytellers and legacy builders. Jeremy and Brooke want nothing more than to lead the way into the future of this generational blessing.

Our Modern Publishing Company

Throne Publishing gives all StoryWay Guides and customers direct access to a modern publishing organization and network. Jeremy founded Throne in 2011 with a mission to empower people to tell their stories. Since then, we’ve published over 350 books with authors around the globe and have anywhere from 20-30 contracted talent from across the country working on our projects at any given time. Brooke joined the business in 2016 and we continue to be a focused, family-owned and operated business that proudly resides in Sioux Falls, South Dakota that represents the future of publishing.

The Way We Work

The Joy-Fueled Way

We are a force of people fueled by joy, contentment, and confidence. We choose this state in all circumstances.

The Warrior Way

We constantly seek Action Oriented Solutions. We bring our full strength to the table for the benefit of others. 

The 1% Way

Every single day we seek to get at least 1% better in our work, for our clients, for our family and for God.

The Honorable Way

Our actions and words will honor everyone involved. We seek to live and speak the way we want to be remembered for.

The Truthful Way

We speak and publish books that are inspired by experience-based authors in word, in deed, and in truth.

The Purpose-Driven Way

Our team and our clients are all motivated by something bigger than themselves and they are unashamed of it.

Do You Love Story Like Us?

Make storytelling your business. Stand up for future generations. This is more than a business opportunity. This is a chance to do something you've always dreamed of!


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