Marguerite Bonnett

Austin, TX
Certified StoryWay Guide

Hello! My name is Marguerite Bonnett. I am a writer, artist and real estate agent living in the beautiful Hill Country just west of Austin Texas where I live with my tech savvy husband and my rescued Rottweiler. 

I like to say I grew up backstage. As the daughter of a famous opera singer, I was aware of having a unique story legacy from a very young age. But while most people focus on the shiny moments of performance, I have always been more interested in all the other moments that lead up to that glittering moment. I understand how many hours, how many relationships and how much work goes into the life we all create. Everyone has a story and every story is important. Your story may be just the thing someone needs to hear to inspire them to live their own life more fully. 

I caught the legacy story writing bug when my mother turned 80. Over breakfast in her kitchen in Memphis, Tennessee, I asked her what she wanted for her birthday. She looked up at me and said, “I’d like to be famous again before I die.” That’s when I knew I had to write her story. It turned out to be my greatest gift to her and it was a cathartic experience that brought us closer. I learned so much about her journey that I never imagined. I also learned there were things I would never get to know about my father, who died when I was only seven. It makes me so sad that people die without leaving the legacy of their dreams, their challenges and their history. 

I’ve had an adventurous life. I spent time in the film industry, where I worked for Clint Eastwood. I worked in the high tech boom in Silicon Valley, where I met my husband. And, as a volunteer, I worked with emergency responders providing emotional first aid to survivors during traumatic life experiences. My passion is helping people to transform and uplift their life. 

As a real estate agent here in Austin, I especially love helping people through the process of wrapping up one part of their story and opening up a whole new chapter of where and how they live. 

I would be honored to help you tell your story. Your legacy is important. Whether it’s a business story, a family story or the story of a unique personal journey, your story is your true and lasting gift to your family, to your industry and to people you will never even meet for generations to come. I can’t wait to meet you and share this life transforming process with you.

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