Kathy Odom

Certified StoryWay Guide

Hi, my name is Kathy. 

I became a StoryWay Guide because I love people and I love their stories. 

I often wonder what life events lead one person down a tragic path where all hope of a life that could have been seems lost while leading another down a very different path of exaltation and fulfillment.

Since becoming involved in StoryWay I have taken those thoughts one step further to wonder how our life’s choices affect the generations to come. In a world where common ground and a solid foundation to build from seem to be fading fast, could something as simple as a connection to our ancestors make a difference and strengthen our families? Could our legacy be the lifeline they need to help them navigate through their own life’s journey?

Be it tragedies or triumphs, each story can be just as empowering as the other. I believe a life story told is a timeless gift of love for our posterity to learn from and grow from. It can change lives. I want to be a part of giving that gift to others.

In my small Texas hometown I publish a local magazine about pets and their caretakers. With each issue I include stories about local residents. I have to say I truly love talking with people, finding out their who, what and whys and then transforming that information into a story for all my readers to enjoy. As their small story is shared, It becomes a proud moment for them and a bonding moment for the community. Everyone can claim their space in time by sharing their story.

With six grown children and a swarm of grandchildren buzzing about I stay busy. Even in the midst of all this busy I am finding a burning desire within me to write the things that matter most. I would be honored to be a part of sharing your story.

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