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By looking at story through a new lens, we guide you in both capturing your story and more importantly sharing your story in a way that will impact your life, your followers and the coming generations.


The Legacy Experience

Want to impact generations, but the process seems overwhelming? With the help of a Certified StoryWay Guide, go from family stories to generational family impact with your own legacy book. 


The StoryWay Certification

Passionate about story, but can't make it a career? Make storytelling your business by becoming a Certified StoryWay Guide and be a part of a community and movement happening now.


The aWAYken Workshop

Want to write a book, but don't know where to start? With the help of a Certified StoryWay Guide, go from confusion to clarity in one day with the aWAYken Workshop. Come with ideas, and walk away with total clarity and your book outline.


What Is The StoryWay? 

We believe there is a way to tell stories that make an impact. 
We have discovered a tangible method that is more than a great experience but rather where transformation and life-change truly happens.
By conducting 1000's of interviews and publishing 100's of books, we have found a pattern. This pattern has given us insight into story and how it is used to move you forward.  We want to come along side you and show you the StoryWay! 

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"One of the most clarifying experiences of our lives."

Denny and Karri Allen
Authors of "The Walk" and Founders of Healing Hopes Ministries

"One of the greatest experiences of my life..."

Kay Cervetti
Author and Fitness Coach

"Walking through this process helped me to see how my life’s experiences can truly bring value to others in a way I never thought possible."

Virgil Dejongh
Mentor and Director of Business Development, Pinnacle Wealth

"I was amazed as I watched my life story be turned into a book outline all in one day.  I can not see how my calling from God can be even more fully lived out in my business as well as how my book will be written!"

Meredith Dekker
Author of Fabric of a Storyteller - Owner of Dekker Financial

Join the Movement.
Impact Generations.

Make storytelling your business. Stand up for future generations. This is more than a business opportunity. This is a chance to do something you've always dreamed of, learn from those you work with and an impact to future generations, while earning an income. We believe understanding stories, the StoryWay, is clarifying and a new way to discover your life's calling. We want YOU on our team. Because stories matter.



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