Donna Harrelson

Greensboro, NC
Certified StoryWay Guide

My name is Donna Harrelson (Burnett). I love Storytelling because I love People from all walks of life. I love the ability to be able to share people Stories and Legacies. I believe that it’s not only a gift from God, but that it is my purpose.

My favorite moments are when I’m able to share a dream about a spiritual walk that led me deep into the forest. It was such a beautiful day. It was almost as if my path had already been ordained for this walk with the Lord. It was amazing how the grass parted, every time I took a step as if my steps were ordered. Then the oddest thing occurred. I came upon a swimming pool, in the middle of a forest.  There laid 3 babies, motionless, lifeless.. I was so astound, that I was unable to speak or move.  I heard a whisper. A familiar voice said, go into the water, knee deep and rinse the babies off and I would witness a true miracle.  Indeed it was. I witnessed the babies being transformed  back to life and in a blink of an eye, they ascended into heaven.. Little did I know, that this dream of the 3 babies would Transform my life forever.  Who knew that these 3 beautiful babies saved by Grace, would become more than a figment of my imagination, in my wildest dreams. I felt as if I  knew these babies, like we shared the same souls. This couldn’t be possible, it was just a dream.  A year later the dream claimed my Sister, Judy Harrelson. A beautiful daughter, A beautiful Soul,  A Teacher, A friend to many and loved God with all of her heart. I couldn’t breathe.  10 months later, a second sibling, Thomas Harrelson, A loving son, A father, A hard worker, A man who would give you the shirt off his back, who was searching for the heart of God. 2 years after that, a 3rd sibling, Vanessa Harrelson Allred , Another beautiful Sister, A wonderful  mother of 2, A loving daughter, and a unforgettable friend.. I have so much love for them, that I keep  their stories alive in my heart and spirit. Truth be told, I sometimes believe it’s my reason for living. I thank God everyday that I was to be apart of their legacies and I will share their legacies to their children and generations to come. My 94 year old mother  keeps this story close to her heart because she knows she will see them again in heaven.Telling their story has become my purpose to share stories about Ordinary People, with Extraordinary lives.

I am Poet/ Playwright/ Storyteller. My ministry was named after my siblings, “Transforming Souls”.. My work also focuses on the Trials and Tribulations of  Common People all over the world. It illustrates, how people are able to overcome daily hardships resulting from Lost of family members, Racism, Sexual Abuse, Child Molestation, Domestic Violence, etc...My work also examines, the seldom explored and negative effects of these issues to help our dying communities survive.

I would be honored to write your story, and share your story with the world. To help you grow your business, for generations and generations to come.. Thank you and God bless.

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