Carma Spence

Certified StoryWay Guide

Hi, my name is Carma. I am a StoryWay Guide because I love to help people get their message out into the world through a variety of content, but most especially books. I also enjoy being a StoryWay Guide because I love to meet interesting people and learn about their unique hero’s journey life stories.

One of my favorite story moments was when my car was being towed. As I sat in the passenger seat, I engaged in a conversation with the tow truck driver. He told me about how he had built a solid career as an engineer, make very good money, but felt something was missing in his life. So he quit his engineering job and started his own tow-truck business. Although he doesn’t make as much money as he did as an engineer, he is much happier and has never looked back. Stories like these illustrate how you never know what interesting stories you’ll find within the lives of ordinary people.

In addition to helping people unleash their stories, I love to cook. I’ve written three cookbooks and have a food blog through which I share recipes and encourage readers to unleash their kitchen creativity. I also collect dragons and am an avid science fiction fan. I have three science fiction blogs dedicated to different aspects of the subject, including a video podcast I do with my husband. I would be honored to help you or your family create a fulfilling, meaningful, and lasting legacy.

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