Amanda Dahlin

Certified StoryWay Guide

Hello there! My name is Amanda. I am a StoryWay guide because I love all that encompasses the human experience. From the range of emotions we navigate to the trials and truths we experience, it all comes together to create our distinct narrative. My passion is collecting these bits and pieces to craft a story that is so true to you that when read, people across generations will feel as if they know you too.

My favorite moment comes in the interview process when a unique pearl of wisdom is revealed. This piece of advice or guidance could only come from you; it is yours. It is a blessing to spend time as a student in someone else’s wisdom. I believe it is my spiritual gift and path to help you share this wisdom.

When I’m not connecting with others through writing, I can be found outside with my husband and children. I love to connect to nature as much as I do humans and if you don’t see us in our garden or at our fire pit, we’re likely hiking or combing the beach for special treasures. I also enjoy folding my body under a warm afghan and reading or crocheting into the wee hours of the night. Add coffee to any of these activities and my day has officially become a dream!

I’d be honored to help you collect the bits and pieces that make you stand out. Let’s craft the story of your legacy together.

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