Michelle Gjerde

Sioux Falls, SD
Certifications:  Legacy Guide

Hello!  I’m Michelle and I’m the kind of person who lives life with the throttle wide open. Sometimes this works in my favor and other times it’s a lesson learned.  Either way, it’s given me an arsenal of experiences to share. As a naturally adventurous and curious person, I enjoy capturing these stories of life and attempting to find meaning in them.  This is why I’m a StoryWay guide.

I’ve considered myself a writer as long as I can remember and my profession in marketing communications has given me the opportunity to interact with interesting individuals of all walks of life. True to my nature, my career has been a roller coaster ride that I’ve embraced as a way to immerse myself in new experiences while building new relationships and expanding my perspective. 

As an English major and journalist, I love to ask questions and get people talking.  Nothing gets my heart pumping a much as walking into a room of strangers at a networking event or conference.  I truly get a kick out of engaging into conversation with someone I just met. The opportunity to make a new friend, connect with a like-minded colleague or just learn something new drives me.

I’m a voracious reader and enjoy reading biographies, history and other non-fiction books. Over the course of my career, I’ve had various ‘how to’ articles published in trade journals. Currently, I’m writing about the power of relevance in marketing with a focus on customer engagement.

My career as a marketing executive has given me the opportunity to travel and live in different parts of the country.  After spending the majority of my career in the Minneapolis area, I’ve returned to my home state of South Dakota where I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to spend more time with my family.  Currently, I live in Sioux Falls and when I’m not reading or writing, I enjoy lots of outside time hiking, skijoring, hunting, camping or fishing with my two Vizslas.

As a StoryWay Legacy Guide, I am fascinated with people’s life experiences and I enjoy the interview and writing process. I welcome the opportunity to act as a guide in helping you capture your personal history and thread together their life experiences in a meaningful way.  Not only is this a way to document important genealogical facts, precious memories and life experiences, it is also a valuable collection of useful anecdotes and nuggets of wisdom.

With StoryWay, the lasting impact is priceless. It’s your legacy. Pass it on!  

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