Michelle (Shelley) Berg

Woodstock, IL
Certifications:  Legacy Guide

Hello! My name is Shelley and I have a passion for words, stories and people! I became a StoryWay Guide because I believe that knowing the stories behind us, can give us the confidence to go boldly forward in life. I have always been drawn to the stories of life; not only the details of who, when, where and what, but most importantly the how and why

A personal story moment is when as a young girl, my grandmother passed down to me two pieces of jewelry. She proudly relayed how she had purchased the necklace and ring, with money she had earned by raising and selling chickens. Although it is delicate, I still wear the necklace today. I can remember having a feeling of wanting to know more deeply, how that accomplishment had affected her.  Being young, I did not articulate what I wanted to know. In retrospect, I don’t have any understanding of why she chose to give me the jewelry at that particular time. Oh, how I wish I knew the answers to these questions!

Outside of work life, I enjoy spending time with and watching the growth of my mostly grown three children.  Any day that I can spend near a body of water is a good day, especially with a good book in hand. Music feeds my soul, therefore I attend a significant amount of live music and theatre performances. 

I am committed to empowering people to record and have a written account of their personal story.

I would be honored to help you preserve and share your or your loved ones’ unique life story!  

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