Lisa Fahey

Spearfish, SD
Certifications:  Legacy Guide

Hello, my name is Lisa Fahey, and I am an author, publisher, and a Story Way Guide. Whenever I am out doing errands or sitting at a coffee house, I am always intrigued to hear people’s stories. I had been involved in ministry at my church, and what I found is story telling is a great tool for teaching. Story telling in your business or career makes an impact on your credibility. Everyone has a story to tell, and this is the reason why I enjoy being a Story Way Guide. In fact, I had gone through the process of writing my own story and I had no idea the positive impact it would have on my business and personal life. 

One favorite moment was with a client who desired to write a book about her mom and dad’s life. One of the revealing moments during the interview happened when my client shared how her mom had always dreamt of wing walking. One day the pilot said the conditions were right and the client’s mom made the decision to give it a try in spite of the harness not fitting her properly. Her mom’s story was a pivotal moment and the daughter recognized the spontaneity and tremendous courage of her parents. The daughter shared how she was tired of living in fear and was ready to go after her own dreams and desires.

I look forward to helping others recognize the value of their story and the benefit it can have in their lives and careers.

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