Kelli Kissack

Spearfish, SD
Certifications:  Legacy Guide

Greetings my friend! My name is Kelli Kissack. I’m a writer, photographer, and horsewoman based in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota where I live with my rodeo cowboy husband, Dane, a multitude of horses, and our mini-Aussie, Manny. We recently built our modern-day “Little House on the Prairie” on land that’s been in Dane’s family for five generations. Lots of love, intention, and of course, stories went into every bit of its 799 square feet. Harnessing my God-given curiosity about the people around me, I’ve been writing and interviewing professionally for more than eight years.                              

I became a StoryWay guide because I was on the receiving end of a beautiful legacy story and it changed my life. When I was in college, my grandma asked me to help her write a book about her father. My great-grandfather was a celebrated surgeon who practiced at the Mayo Clinic and served the United States as a Navy doctor during WWII, but I didn’t know anything else about him because he drowned in a tragic accident at age 53. Through writing his book, I discovered him to be a man of great faith who loved the Lord and walked with Him daily. He was a dedicated scholar, a loving father, and a man of excellence, beloved by his family, colleagues, and patients. I think of him often because understanding his legacy gave me clarity about my future. It showed me where I came from and gave me the confidence to build my own worthwhile legacy.        

Now, I am honored to share this life-changing gift of legacy and identity with you. Please, share your story. You never know how it will change someone else’s life, especially the lives of your children, grandchildren, and the generations to come. 

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