Jessy Paulson

Hudson, SD
Certifications:  Legacy Guide

I am a StoryWay Guide because I have experienced the power of storytelling first-hand. My favorite legacy story is the first book I wrote, Faith Over Fear: Walking Angie Home. This book tells the story of my little sister’s abrupt battle with Stage 4 Cancer of Unknown Primary and the perspectives of our family as she walked home to Jesus. Telling my sister’s story, and consequently my own story, changed my life. It gave me the ability to see the way the Golden Thread was woven throughout my experiences and the honor of seeing the impact and hope that sharing my story provided to others. My goal as a StoryWay Guide is to help others share their story so they may have this same experience of seeing the connections of their life unfold in ways they could never imagine. 

I live in southeast South Dakota with my husband, Kyle and our three kids, Aleigha, Charleanna, and Conrad.   I am the founder of Gritty Faith, a magazine and subscription box service that highlights stories of fighters, survivors, dream chasers and determined warriors.  When I am not writing, I enjoy painting, both on my own and as a Painted Prayers instructor, and repurposing projects for The Norway Center Store. I love to travel and hope to experience all 50 states with my family.

Using my own story, I relate most closely to the grieving community, military families, farming families, entrepreneurs and caregivers for those with chronic illness.  As a storyteller, I interview people about their life and document their experiences. Whether you are looking to share with the world, as inspiration and hope for others, or with your family, to speak love and light into your children and grandchildren for generations to come, I would be honored to help you bravely share your story.

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