Dana Ingalls

Hulett, WY
Certification: Legacy Guide

Hi, my name is Dana Ingalls. 

 I am a StoryWay Guide because I've experienced several people in my life that are now past and so are their stories.  Going through such an experience has motivated me and inspired a sense of urgency. The fact that each of our stories can be gone in a blink should be enough to slow life down and create a document in which "You" matter.

My favorite story moment was with a friend as she recollected some personal life stories.  As she continued to reminisce, the fragmented picture that she thought her life was transformed into a beautifully designed legacy that brought an internal feeling of acceptance and self love.  I will never forget the feeling that she transcended across the table when she realized her story really did matter.    

I grew up in Wyoming on a cattle ranch with three older sisters.  My Mom and Dad were hard workers who loved the land and cattle. I am grateful to them for the work ethic and values that they instilled in us girls.  I've been a teacher, horse/dog trainer and clinician. My husband and I have been married for 39 years. Although life has taken me on many winding roads, each road that I followed has taught me more about myself and others.  Currently we are back on the home ranch in Wyoming following the footprints of my mom and dad yet blazing our own trail as well.  

I've always been intrigued with autobiographies and appreciate the fact that just by putting your life story to words or making an audio really does connect all the "dots" of someone's life and creates even more value to pass on.  I'd be honored to help you process your life's journey into a legacy that you can pass on to your family for generations to come. 

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